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Equip System

What is it?

Equip is a flexible equipment management system designed for businesses that rent, loan or distribute equipment. Equip enables you to accurately plan future requirements, calculate stock availability at any point in time, and easily produce reports such as quotes & orders.

New Equip Website
We now have a website dedicated to Equip that includes a User Forum where you can ask questions and share your thoughts with other Equip users: www.equipsystem.com

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Event Diary
The diary provides an interactive Equip Diary Windowenvironment for displaying and editing events over a period of three years. From the same window, the user may drill down into quotations, orders, allocated stock and sub-hires.

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Quotations and Orders
The Quotations / Orders list in Equip allows youOrder Window to record details of all quotations and orders created for your customers. When you convert a Quotation into an Order, Equip calculates all the items that will be required to fulfill the order. Equip also calculates the stock allocated to other events that are planned around the same time and that overlap with this event. Any potential stock shortages are highlighted with red or orange 'traffic light' symbols.

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Walkthru ...
To gain a flavour of the screens and functions available, click on the 'Login Dialog' to walkthrough some of Equip main features.Equip Walkthrough

Further Information
Equip addresses the logistical problems of planning, supplying, charging and tracking equipment for any type of event, including: loans of equipment to internal departments, distribution of warehouse items, product launches, exhibitions, shows and parties. The kind of equipment being provided is unimportant, but the system lends itself to handling items that fall naturally into groups or structures.

Equip comes with everything you need to plan and organize the distribution of equipment, provide accurate customer quotes and orders, identify and correct stock shortages, keep track of items allocated to different events, and maintain up-to-date customer and supplier databases. This and much more is provided in an easy to use package enabling you to gain maximum advantage for your business.

What should an Equipment Rental Management package provide?

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Bullet Streamlines business processes

Bullet Improves accuracy and customers' perception of your business

Bullet Gives complete control of your equipment and stock

BulletSimplifies the production of quotations and orders

BulletCombines complex collections of items into a single 'Structure'

BulletCalculates stock availability dynamically

BulletGives warnings of possible 'over commitment'


Bullet Customer, Supplier & Employee databases

BulletVisual Diary Planner

BulletComprehensive stock control functions

BulletEasy quotation & order creation

BulletDynamic item availability checking

BulletConfigurable user security

etc. etc.

Check out the Equip feature list.

Read what our customers think about Equip.

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Download Equip

You can download Equip Lite and use it free of charge, or you can download the full Equip Premium package and try it for 60 days.

View the Equip Tutorial.

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View the Equip Fact Sheet

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